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POOL STATUS: Closed for the Season
Off Season Inquiries: lowryinfo@gmail.com

We have had reports of payment processing issues for Safari users and are working on a resolution.  If you encounter issues, please try Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Browser.
Need Support? Email - webmaster@lowryswimclub.org


Off Season Job Information


We always love starting off the season by hiring new and amazing people to join our team. We will post information pertaining to jobs for the 2020 season sometime in late March or early April. We politely request that you refrain from contacting us about a job opportunity, including but not limited to emails with resumes or expressing an intent to work for the pool until the hiring season begins.

If you are a parent who has a child interested in working for us, please have the child contact us directly when the hiring season begins.

Thank you and have a great fall, winter and spring!