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We have had reports of payment processing issues for Safari users and are working on a resolution.  If you encounter issues, please try Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Browser.
Need Support? Email - webmaster@lowryswimclub.org


The Lowry Swim Club currently has a waiting list of potential members. Because our membership is full, if you wish to have your name placed on the waiting list, a $100 non-refundable deposit is necessary. The deposit will be applied against your initiation fee when space becomes available. If you wish to place your name on the waiting list, please click on the Create Account/Pay Dues tab, and click on the blue Sign Up link in the Wait List Reservations section. You will be required to create a Username and Password and to input information into the form.  You can then pay the $105.00 fee ($100 plus a $5 PayPal fee). 

We will contact you when your name comes up on the list using the information in your on-line registration account.  Please remember to update the information if and when it changes, especially your email address, as that will be the primary method for us to contact you.  If you have any questions, please email Brittany Cooper at autumnjoyy@me.com or email Gary Schwartz at garys@lowryswimclub.org or call him at 303.895.5432.

We are unable to inform people on the waiting list when they may be able to become members.  For those on the Waiting List, the ability to become a member is totally dependent on the number of families who choose not to renew their membership each pool season.  Once a space becomes available, you will be notified by a representative of the Lowry Swim Club.

The 2024 fee structure is as follows: (subject to change)

  • For members admitted prior to 2024(Legacy Members):
  • Family - 3 or more people = $950
  • Dual - 1 adult + 1 child or 2 adults = $820
  • Single = $680
  • Nanny Pass = $125

For members admitted in 2024 and all future years (Signature Members):
Family - 3 or more people = $1250
Dual - 1 adult + child or 2 adults = $1075
Single - 1 adult = $880
Nanny Pass = $125

***Please note there are no more than TWO (2) adults allowed per membership. Please contact us at lowryinfo@gmail.com for more information. 

Rates are subject to change without notice and do not include a PayPal fee.